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Flash Call a Verification Factor for Authentication

Flash calls is a seamless and cost-effective way of authenticating or validating user’s mobile numbers. It is a type of multi factor authentication that is similar to OTP sent via SMS. It covers more use cases, including appointment booking, online payment, and even public Wi-Fi connections.


According to Juniper Research, flash calls as authentication factor will grow from 60 million in 2021 to 130 billion in 2026.


Explore how they exactly work and what network operators need to do to ensure they are fairly compensating for the role they play.


About Flash Call


A Flash call is a near-instant dropped call that is automatically placed to a mobile number, usually as part of an authentication process known as Flash call verification. 


The relevant numbers assigned in the incoming calls’ numbers are used for authentication for the user’s identity. 


By default, there is no termination fee charge for the call as it is answered and is simply recorded as a missed call in the phone’s log.


Working of Flash Call Verification


Flash call verification leverages mobile voice networks to authenticate a user or transaction via an originating phone number. The last couple of digits of the originating phone number are parsed automatically for authentication, rather than a user feeding a code manually that was delivered by SMS.


It is used when a mobile user is registering for a service, installing an app, or doing anything that require them to provide a valid mobile phone number to complete the process.


Unlike most conventional 2FA solutions that require the person to sometimes manually feed a code that is sent to them by SMS, the process uses some of the digits from the incoming calling number as the passcode. 


This is all done using secured APIs, so the customer doesn’t have to do anything and will be notified almost immediately that the verification process has been successful.


Benefits Of Flash Call verification


Flash call verification does not require any action on the part of the customers as well as its potentially cheaper cost that can slightly aid in savings for the businesses. 

It’s an emerging form of authentication and like SMS, no internet and no smart phone needed. Just a plain old feature phone. Not to miss it is quicker than SMS.

Flash Call feature provides:

  • Upgrade security solutions: Flash calls can be considered an upgrade to traditional SMS-based authentication methods, as they offer a more secure and reliable way to authenticate users' phone numbers.
  • Integration with other authentication systems: Flash calls can be integrated with other authentication systems that provide real-time analytics to monitor and analyse user behaviour.
  • Create transparency: Flash calls can help create transparency in the authentication process by providing a clear and verifiable record of user activity.
  • Flexible and scalable solutions: Flash calls offer a quick and easy way for users to authenticate their phone numbers without the need to manually enter a code. Also, they can be easily scaled to accommodate large numbers of users, making them a convenient and cost-effective option for businesses and organizations.

At CERF we have started journey with our state-of-the-art Multifactor Authentication (MFA) Platform, AUTHENTRICA, that will provide our stakeholders the benefits of harnessing and utilizing the power of Flash Call for the purpose of verification or authentication of user’s identity.

So, explore AUTHENTRICA our reliable, robust, secured and scalable MFA for verification solutions through secured APIs and combine Flash call verification with other factors to ensure sure short OTP delivery, reduced OTP delivery cost and increase in conversions.


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