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CERF's CONSENTICA provides innovative and trustworthy consumer regulatory compliance and consent management solutions. Our vision is to be a world class solution provider to enable local and global enterprises to process data in a safe and secure manner resulting in enhanced customer satisfaction and experience.

Unlike others, our consent management platform is a comprehensive and centralized tool that is more than a band-aid offering. Its versatility covers all aspects of consent collection, storage and management to keep your company 100% compliant at all times, i.e. our platform will keep evolving with the ever-changing compliance regulations.

So, avoid falling short of consent collection, storage and processing standards by choosing CONSENTICA – our state-of-the-art consent management platform.

The platform keeps your operations compliant with the ever-changing regulations that cover consent management, including the TRAI’s TCCCPR, GDPR and CCPA. The user-friendly solution offers multiple configuration options to suit your unique consent management requirements.

Through CONSENTICA, take advantage of best practices to prevent not only fines and penalties but also improve customer experience and your company’s performance. The tool is suitable for businesses across industries and can enhance consent and data collection and processing at all levels of your organization.

To ensure that you get the best results, our experts at CONSENTICA are there to provide all the support you need to use our platform to your advantage. You can count on them to optimize consent collection for your organization in every way that matters.

Contact us today for an unmediated experience of what our consent management platform and experts can do for you.

CONSENTICA’s features;

Integrate our consent management platform to experience the following industry-leading features:

  • Robust configuration control: Gain more comprehensive control over consent segmentation and other configurations to tailor the platform to achieve your exact goals.
  • Expression of consent: Have convenient options for setting up ‘express consent’ on your website or mobile app.
  • QR codes: Provides QR codes that are user specific and provide ease in consent collection.
  • One-click consent revocation options: Helps in revoking either all consents or specific ones with a click.
  • Audit Readiness: Maintains a detailed history of consent text, date, time, source, and more. Having quick access to such information ensures that you are always ready for any compliance audit.

With these features, CONSENTICA’s consent management platform provides the configurability and functionality needed to meet the complex needs of both small and large enterprises.

Start your regulatory compliance journey with CERF’s CONSENTICA….

To quickly launch a CMP that ensures full compliance with every relevant regulation, all you need is our Consent management software based on Restful APIs. It is a ready-to-use solution that provides quick deployment for immediate compliance with TRAI’s TCCCPR, GDPR and other consent collection directives.

The platform is configurable to meet your organization’s unique consent collection and management requirements. Other benefits of the tool are its ability to:

  • Capture and correct consents at all levels
  • Maintain consent disclosure language and other history details

It also features a user-friendly editor for composing consent pop-up messages that match your website’s/ mobile app design.

Are you ready for a consent management platform that guarantees your organization’s performance, compliance, and efficiency? Contact us at CONSENTICA today to schedule a consultation.

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